What does CrossAmerica Partners do?
CrossAmerica Partners LP is a leading wholesale distributor of motor fuels, convenience store operator and owner and lessee of real estate used in the retail distribution of motor fuels. Its general partner, CrossAmerica GP LLC, is indirectly owned and controlled by entities affiliated with Joseph V. Topper, Jr., the founder of CrossAmerica Partners and a member of the board of the general partner since 2012. Formed in 2012, CrossAmerica Partners LP is a distributor of branded and unbranded petroleum for motor vehicles in the United States and distributes fuel to approximately 1,800 locations and owns or leases approximately 1,100 sites. With a geographic footprint covering 34 states, the Partnership has well-established relationships with several major oil brands, including ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Chevron, Sunoco, Valero, Gulf, Citgo, Marathon and Phillips 66. CrossAmerica Partners LP ranks as one of ExxonMobil’s largest distributors by fuel volume in the United States and in the top 10 for additional brands. For additional information, please visit www.crossamericapartners.com.
Where is CrossAmerica Partners located?
Our corporate headquarters is located at:

600 Hamilton Street, Suite 500
Allentown, PA 18101

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What is CrossAmerica Partners’ ticker symbol?
Effective October 6, 2014, CrossAmerica Partners’ units are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “CAPL” (formerly LGP).

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When does CrossAmerica Partners’ fiscal year end?
CrossAmerica Partners is on a calendar year, ending December 31.

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Does CrossAmerica Partners have a direct unit purchase program? May I purchase units directly from CrossAmerica Partners?
No. Common units are publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. You may purchase units through regular retail brokerage services.

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What is the difference between an investment in units of a publicly traded master limited partnership (MLP) and stock in a corporation?
A partner in a publicly traded master limited partnership, such as CrossAmerica Partners, owns units in the partnership rather than shares of stock in a corporation. Partners receive cash distributions rather than dividends. Unlike a corporation, partnerships are not subject to federal and state income taxes. Instead, all income, gains, losses and deductions of a partnership are passed through to the partners who are required to report their allocable share on their tax returns. Generally, MLPs pay out a higher amount of cash flow as distributions to unitholders compared to dividends to shareholders because net income of an MLP is taxed only at the investor level instead of at both the corporate and investor levels. While a corporate shareholder receives a Form 1099 each year reflecting tax information, a unitholder in a partnership receives a Schedule K-1 to file with their tax return, which reports the unitholders allocable share of the partnership's income, gains, losses and deductions.

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What is the difference between a distribution and a dividend?
Unit holders of CrossAmerica Partners are limited partners who are entitled to a cash distribution which is a return on their investment, whereas a dividend paid by a corporation is a payout of earnings to shareholders.

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How are distributions taxed?
Distributions are reported on a Schedule K-1, and taxes are due on the unit holder’s allocable share of the partnerships taxable income.

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When will CrossAmerica Partners make cash distributions?
We will distribute all available cash (as defined in the partnership agreement) to unit holders of record on the applicable record date approximately 20 days after the earnings release for the applicable quarter. However, there is no guarantee that we will pay the minimum quarterly distribution on any units in any quarter.

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How is CrossAmerica Partners’ minimum quarterly cash distribution determined?
Distributions are made to the extent we have sufficient cash flow from operations after establishment of cash reserves and payment of fees and expenses, including payments to our general partner. However, there is no guarantee that we will pay the minimum quarterly distribution on any units in any quarter.

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Whom do I contact regarding:
  • A lost/stolen/destroyed CAPL certificate
  • Transfer of a certificate into another name
  • Issuance of certificate
  • Change of address for certificates
  • Information on my account
  • Distributions payments
Contact our transfer agent:

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
409 Hayward Avenue N. Ste.2
St. Paul, MN 55128

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Who is CrossAmerica Partners’ market specialist?
Steve Naughton
Citadel Securities
4 World Trade Center, 29th Floor
New York, NY 10006

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Whom should I contact at CrossAmerica Partners if I have additional questions?
Please contact Investor Relations at:

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